Tranquility Hypnosis
......healing through hypnotherapy


At Tranquility Hypnosis, the goal is to give the client the support and best intentions for positive change.  Meaning that listening closely, being present for the client is the number one priority in my practice.  When a client comes to me and says that they want to lose weight and can I make them lose the weight they desire, I emphatically explain that with hypnotherapy, I cannot "make" the client do anything!  Hypnosis for positive change can only happen when the client is actively engaged and has the true desire to lose weight or to stop smoking, or whatever the desired goal may be.

My intention, as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, is to be clear as to what I am able to provide with the skills, tools, and knowledge I have acquired over the many years of training, education, and experience with clients.  Often clients will come to hypnotherapy with the mind set that I can effect change by my mere presence.  With hypnotherapy, healing comes within the client.  My intention is to guide and support the client.

It is true that in our society that most of us want "a magic pill" to cure our woes.  Unfortunately, "a magic pill" does not exist.  We want that quick fix, so to speak.  It took time to need healing and it will take time to heal.  If a client is open to looking deep in one's self into the unconscious mind, there the healing can begin.  That is my place, to take the client to the unconscious mind and provide a safe and secure environment so that the work can begin.  This is where I am present and have only the best of intentions for positive change for my client.  It is the most rewarding aspect of my field.

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